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Branding Basics

Branding is the process of connecting strategy with creativity to motivate a target audience. A brand cannot thrive without both working together seamlessly. This is the single biggest disconnect most companies face as they try to build or manage a brand.
If you want to take your product or service from a “generic” to a “must have,” the brand will have to support this transition.
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Market Research

Market research improves decision-making abilities and reduces risk. It provides insights into markets, brands, customers, competitors and products.
There are two types of market research – primary and secondary. Primary research collects data to answer a specific issue or question. Secondary research, on the other hand, is the use of existing data to help understand the current business environment or assist in creating primary research projects.
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Communicating Science

Learn to communicate scientific information responsibly and effectively. No longer do ag-related messages reach only the Indiana farmer in the cab of his pickup truck.
Multi-media platforms open the gates for expanded reach – but to a wide variety of audiences, including those who know little about the science and technology used in ag production. Everyone sharing information about agriculture has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to decipher science and present it in an educational, relevant and responsible way.
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