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September 1, 2017
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August 31, 2017

Ag Exports Count Brand

Ag Exports Count Case Study

Ag Exports Count represents the 75+ organizations who receive MAP and FMD funding. The coalition promotes the public-private partnerships that support agricultural trade in the global marketplace. The coalition selected Demeter to create a brand this spring as the Farm Bill discussions neared. This branding project started with defining target audiences, creating the brand statement, crafting key messages, creating a name, and developing visual elements including logo, fonts and color palettes. From there, Demeter created a website platform (www.agexportscount.com) to deliver a vast amount of data in meaningful information chunks. Collateral items, such as a postcard-size promotional flyer, extended the brand and its messaging.

The Ag Exports Count Brand Statement

Export market development programs showcase America’s agricultural products in the international marketplace, benefitting both U.S. agriculture and the broader U.S. economy. Overwhelming evidence confirms that the Market Access Program (MAP) and the Foreign Market Development program (FMD) benefit millions of Americans by increasing income and jobs in our communities. Strong overseas demand indicates American farmers and ranchers are seen as partners for billions of people around the world seeking to build better lives.

To see funding erode or to give up these market development programs is to cede the playing field to foreign producers and the governments that stand behind them. In contrast, enhancing these programs will offer additional benefits to the U.S. farm sector and the broader economy that benefits from trade activity.

MAP and FMD are worthy of support by agricultural producers, businesses, elected officials and government representatives. These critical programs are built upon the same solid principles as America’s farm families: integrity, respect and accountability.