Branding & Logos

A brand is the “feeling” people have about your company, product or service. Think of it as the “personality” of your business. It’s never too late to develop or refresh a brand, especially if your product isn’t meeting its potential. A successful brand is audience-focused, with every communications element aligned. Be sure to read our branding paper for more information as well as viewing examples of our work.

Brochures & Collateral

Having a great piece to give customers is still important. Visual appeal is vital, supported by strong copy targeting your audience.


There is nothing like a campaign to get reach and frequency during a short time burst. A successful campaign results from thoughtful planning based on audience intelligence, channel analysis and budgeting. Demeter combines a great plan with outstanding branding, creative, timing and follow-through.

Community Engagement

Reaching local community members and their influencers requires a great deal of spokesperson preparation and support, local research and sell-in, plus follow-up and evaluation. Demeter has perfected a system and process for the ag community to connect with local influencers.


Face-to-face communication still matters. Yet, conferences, seminars and other events often don't receive the same sort of attention to branding. That's a missed opportunity that Demeter will help you fulfill.

Fact Sheets

Organizations and businesses turn to fact sheets when they want to communicate scientific or other fact-based information to a wide variety of audiences in an understandable way.


Simple visual graphics should be a part of your communications. These infographics can be multipurposed for your social media, media outreach, publications, presentations and websites.


What does your presentation say about your company, brand or product? If it doesn't have your audience engaged, turn to Demeter to help. A combination of fabulous graphics and on-target text is one of our strongest skills.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are now standard for almost every communications program. But there lies a key challenge – how to get a share of voice in the most cluttered media space of all time. The answer lies in making sure that content immediately connects. With social media, care must be taken to appeal to your target audience while taking into consideration that you are reaching the universe.


When it comes to telling a great story, there is nothing like video. Because of all the new ways to integrate video into marketing channels, it deserves a place in many marketing plans. To help our clients maximize video, Demeter has an alliance with Cowboy Media.


Approximately half of U.S. farm and ranch owners, operators and managers say that digital media is an essential activity for their business. Having a contemporary and user-friendly website is a necessity. Demeter specializes in building websites and content that our clients can manage themselves.